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Achieving Effective Inventory Management, 5th ed.

Based on our most recent research and the most up-to-date best practices, the Achieving Effective Inventory Management guides have provided a complete approach for managing a large and often troublesome asset...inventory. In our striving to remain current, the economic challenges facing distributors have resulted in EIM, Inc. producing a 5th edition. The new fifth edition involved a complete review of the entire 4th edition book. It includes updated discussions regarding the impact and adjustments the current economic challenges have produced in all areas of inventory management. This book will help you achieve the goal of effective inventory management: to meet or exceed customers' expectations of product availability with the amount of each item that will maximize your organization's net profits or minimize its total inventory investment. Ten pages longer than the 4th edition, just as easy to read, and now available at the same low price! Order Achieving Effective Inventory Management 5th Edition today and follow the path that leads to maximizing the productivity and profitability of your investment in stock inventory. ________________________________________

Achieving Effective Inventory Management, 6th Edition

In the new 6th edition of Achieving Effective Inventory Management, we combine new techniques and technologies with time-proven EIM concepts to make your operations as lean as possible while still meeting or exceeding your customers expectations of product availability. Inventory is probably a significant, if not your organization's largest asset. We strive to tie up the least amount of cash as possible in inventory and to make sure that every dollar invested in inventory is there for a specific purpose. We also strive to identify unproductive (excess, slow-moving, or dead ) inventory and remove it from our warehouses, stores, and other facilities. Topics we discuss include: Different departments and individuals roles in achieving effective inventory management; What products should be stocked in each location? Challenges in stocking material to be resold and maintenance, repairs and operations (MRO) inventory; Enhanced forecasting logic including considering promotions, trends, weather and event-based seasonality, as well as collaborative information from customers, salespeople and management; Differences in maintaining products with sporadic and recurring usage; Determining when the stock of each item should be replenished; Intelligently deciding how much should you buy or make; Effectively using safety stock to balance customer service and your investment in stock inventory; When to utilize distribution centers and central warehouses; How do you determine whether a product in a specific location should be replenished with a transfer from another location or purchased from a vendor? Challenges of import purchasing, long lead times and pre-season buys; Manufacturing Requirements Planning (MRP); Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP); How do you decide when to take advantage of special deals offered by vendors? How should you decide whether to stock a new product? Calculating your ideal inventory investment; Establishing inventory budgets for each warehouse and product/vendor line; How to identify and liquidate unwanted stock; How to effectively organize your warehouse(s) and other storage facilities; Effective warehouse and facility layouts; Efficient warehouse and material handling operations; Evaluating new technologies; How do you continually maintain accurate on-hand quantities? How should you determine your inventory goals and ways to measure your progress in achieving these goals? Metrics to monitor your progress in achieving your inventory-related goals; Implementing a comprehensive program to achieve effective inventory management. So, whether you are an electrical manufacturer in the United States; a food distributor in Bermuda, or the manager of MRO inventory for a utility in Japan, this new 6th edition of Achieving Effective Inventory Management will provide you with new ideas that you can immediately use, as well as the fundamentals of inventory management and inventory control.

Aldelo POS 2E 2.0 for Restaurant Station License New June 2020 Release

Simple and intuitive, Aldelo POS empowers customer satisfaction and improves productivity.

Black”Inventory” Label – 1″ by 2″ – 500 ct Roll

Make sure this fits by entering your model number. easy peel and stick application semi-glossy surface

Building a Showcase Culture: Powerful and Practical Keys for Manufacturing

This book is for those who want to become factory showcase leaders. Readers learn various tools and techniques along a structured path and will be able to apply them or evaluate their company's effectiveness. The information is useful for: * Manufacturing Operation leaders * Department and functional staff, supervisors, and team leaders * Students studying engineering, operations, supply chain, production planning, finance, human resources, quality, and business administration * Entrepreneurs starting new manufacturing enterprises The focus is on the necessary elements for individuals to develop leadership capabilities in manufacturing. The elements address the requirements to make it possible for employees to add greater value. In addition, the approach builds knowledge, factory strength, and collectively establishes a factory showcase culture. The elements presented apply to raw material processing through to advanced technologies such as: 3-D printing and nano-technology. The 4th industrial revolution will introduce more innovation, more digital technology, and a less labor-intensive environment, but the lessons in this book will stand the test of time for any manufacturing facility. If the destination is having a factory showcase culture, then the steps of the journey are: * Orientation * Foundation * Conditioning * Competitiveness Part 1 - Orientation is how the company introduces itself to New Hires and to other external people, such as customers, suppliers, contractors, etc. Orientation is visual, mindset, behavioral, and training based. It represents the company's standard operating practices for managing data using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which have to be learned, practiced, and honed for improvement. Part 2 - Foundation is the core of a company's processes. It is a collection of various systems and practices that are the basis for the company's success. Foundation is purely operational in nature and builds upon the Orientation section. The Foundation section does not stand-alone -- it must be used along with the other main elements. Part 3 - Conditioning builds upon Orientation and Foundation. It's the culture of motivating people, using daily routines, data collection and analysis, auditing to ensure compliance, coordinating resources to take actions, and responding to various inputs using analytics. Part 4 - Competitiveness is the way in which a company demonstrates its advantages by implementing short-term plans with long-term investments, strategies, and vision.

Corporations 101: A Guide for Beginners

"Go to school; get a job." We've all heard it - it's the American way. And that's exactly what I did. Then something strange occurred... Once inside a corporation, I realized the technical foundation my degree provided was only part of the equation. Why? Because within the corporate walls, there's a set of unspoken rules. If broken, the effects can be devastating. This is precisely where academia gets it all wrong. By only teaching skill that make corporations more successful rather than ones that make you more successful within them, you are left woefully underprepared for life inside these institutions. This leaves thousands of graduates each year with a degree that taught them absolutely nothing about what it takes to succeed within one. My goal is to fill that hole. THIS GUIDE IS BROKEN DOWN INTO THREE MAIN SECTIONS:1st: An orientation into the human capital structure that exists within corporations.2nd: Specific psychological techniques that will help you climb the ladder both faster and higher than your competition. 3rd: Ten common pitfalls that must be avoided to ensure success.  After twelve years in the corporate world, I've spent thousands of hours observing and taking notes on my colleagues - and myself - as we struggled to make it to the top. Some of us did, some didn't. But by sharing my experiences, I hope this book to be helpful for anyone entering a corporate setting for the first time. ***Hi - I'm David, a born psychologist who missed his calling and is now stuck grinding his way through the corporate blender of political bullshit and never-ending cost reductions. After graduating with both undergraduate and graduate degrees in finance, I went to work for one of the largest companies in the world. An incredible chain of events then occurred which led me to my true passions in life - psychology and writing. The result was this book - the book I wish I had prior to entering the corporate world for the first time. During my free time I like to play golf and spend time writing on my blog which you can find at 

Definitive Guide to Inventory Management, The: Principles and Strategies for the Efficient Flow of Inventory across the…

Master and apply both the technical and behavioral skills you need to succeed in any inventory management role or function! Now, there’s an authoritative and comprehensive guide to best-practice inventory management in any organization. Authored by world-class experts in collaboration with the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), this text illuminates planning, organizing, controlling, directing, motivating and coordinating all the activities used to efficiently control product flow. The Definitive Guide to Inventory Management covers long-term strategic decisions; mid-term tactical decisions; and even short-term operational decisions. Topics discussed include: Basic inventory management goals, roles, concepts, purposes, and terminology Key inventory management elements, processes, and interactions Principles/strategies for establishing efficient and effective inventory flows Using technology in inventory planning and management New approaches to inventory reduction: postponement, vendor-managed inventories, cross-docking, and quick response systems Trade-offs between inventory and transportation costs, including carrying costs Requirements and challenges of global inventory management Best practices, metrics, and frameworks for assessing inventory management performance

Essentials of Inventory Management

Inventory management is about more than counting what you’ve got. It’s about understanding business realities and making decisions that balance current demand with future needs. Author Max Muller teaches readers how to do this while keeping overhead and operating costs at a minimum by maximizing productivity in key areas--from physical stock issues to problem identification and resolution to technologies like RFID and other automated inventory mechanisms. Novice and veteran managers alike will gain ultra-practical tips and tricks on topics including forecasting and replenishment strategies, retail vs manufacturing inventories, materials requirements planning, formulas for calculating quantities and schedules, and supply chain risk management. Complete with detailed examples, handy tools, and a revised and expanded chapter analyzing “Why Inventory Systems Fail and How to Fix Them,” the second edition of Essentials of Inventory Management is perfect for both instructional and on-the-job use. Inventory management is complex, but it can be simplified. With up-to-date insights to maximize productivity, identify and solve issues quickly, forecast and replenish, incorporate automation, and much more, this nontechnical yet thorough guide will teach you how to manage inventory as a physical reality--and maximize its monetary value.

Explosive Growth: A Few Things I Learned While Growing To 100 Million Users – And Losing $78 Million

#1 BEST-SELLER in 7 Startup, Marketing & Entrepreneurship CategoriesExplosive Growth is a Business Book like no other. This compelling and inspiring narrative gives entrepreneurs and startups a step-by-step playbook to achieve explosive growth, combining lively and often hilarious storytelling, revealing genius growth tactics and numerous case-studies to help your startup grow massively.Explosive Growth offers a rare behind the scenes play-by-play look inside a fast-growing startup that created the first online dating app, as it experiences the highest highs and lowest lows.Due to its raw storytelling style, practical lessons, compelling content, and fast-paced read, Explosive Growth is a one-of-a-kind business book that transcends the narrow entrepreneurial audience to also more broadly appeal to readers looking to learn about startup life and entrepreneurship.   Cliff Lerner's online dating startup, Snap Interactive, was running out of money when he bet the company's fortunes on a then-unknown platform called Facebook. The app suddenly began to acquire 100,000 new users daily for free, and soon after the stock price skyrocketed 2,000 percent, setting off an extraordinary chain of events filled with sudden success and painful lessons.Explosive Growth will make you much smarter as it reveals the detailed growth frameworks that propelled this tiny startup to grow to 100 Million Users. You will learn how to:IGNITE EXPLOSIVE GROWTH by creating a remarkable productIdentify the ONLY 3 METRICS THAT MATTERExplore valuable VIRAL GROWTH strategies to grow rapidlyExecute the GENIUS MEDIA HACKS that helped us acquire 100 million usersCreate a thriving culture of PASSIONATE EMPLOYEES and constant INNOVATIONWho Is This Book For?GROWTH HACKERS, MARKETING, PRODUCT MANAGERS: Learn the VIRAL FEATURES and strategies we used to acquire 100,000 USERS PER DAY -- without spending a penny on advertising.PUBLIC RELATIONS: Get our PR PLAYBOOK with our best media hacks.CEOs: Create a THRIVING CULTURE of passionate employees and constant innovation. Get over 70 proven 'Explosive Growth Tips' in marketing, leadership, management, and more.FANS OF THE MOVIE 'THE SOCIAL NETWORK': This thrilling story has many parallels to 'The Social Network.' Learn the wild story behind the first Facebook Dating App and its wild ride to 100 million users.Praise:"Explosive Growth is without question one of the most useful and entertaining business books I have ever read. Cliff gives you a roadmap to massively grow your startup with specific tactical lessons made memorable through engaging stories. This book is a must-read." - David Perry, Digital Sales & Business Development Expert at Google, Adobe, & Amazon, Startup Advisor"A must read for founders and CEOs who want to achieve rapid growth while also building a great product and company." - Payal Kadakia, Founder & Executive Chairman of ClassPass"Want to know how to grow your startup to 100 million users? Then this is the book for you. Explosive Growth gives step-by-step instructions, case studies and proven tactics on how to explode your growth." - by Syed Balkhi"Lessons for startups and CEOs on growth hacking, marketing, and innovation from one of the smartest founders I know." - Andrew Weinreich, Inventor of Social Networking

Home Inventory Software – HomeManage 2017. Estate Planning, Track Items In Your Vehicles, Boats & RV. Expedite Household…

Keep an organized record of your possessions. Get rid of folders filled with receipts, warranties and photographs. Online barcode lookup. Use a barcode scanner to instantly retrieve product info and a photo of your barcoded items.  Save many hours of tedious data entry.  Over 66,045,000 items are in the barcode database with new items being added daily. errific for Insurance Claims! Have a record of each item you own in case you need to make an insurance claim.

How to Improve Your Leadership and Management Skills – Effective Strategies for Business Managers

Here’s How to Improve Your Leadership Skills and Become a Better Manager and Leader; Discover Powerful Tips and Strategies to Motivate and Inspire Your People to Bring out the Best in Them. Be the Boss People Want To Give 200 Percent For. (Updated for 2019, Plus, You Also Get 5 Extremely Useful Leadership Video Guides.)This book features hundreds of tips, strategies and techniques to help you improve your leadership and management skills.Here's what’s in the book:* How to lead and manage people; you’ll discover 120 powerful strategies to motivate and inspire your people to bring out the best in them. Be the boss people want to give 200 percent for.* How to better manage yourself; If you don’t manage yourself, then you are letting others have control of your life. In this section you’ll discover 90 powerful tips and strategies to unleash your hidden potential and better manage yourself for success.* How to improve your personal effectiveness; save hours of time with these practical tips and techniques for organizing your time and workload. * Tips to improve your planning abilities; think ahead to get ahead. Planning may not be a sexy topic, but learning to plan properly means higher productivity, less stress, and more free time — and that is pretty damn sexy.* How to develop yourself; part of evolving as a great leader and manager, means becoming self-aware and willing to learn, grow, and stretch yourself. In this section you’ll discover effective, yet simple to follow self development tips and strategies.* How to set and achieve goals; Yogi Berra once said, “If you don't know where you're going, you'll end up someplace else.” In this section you’ll discover proven ways to set goals and achieve them.* How to make the right decisions; an effective 7-step decision making formula that will help you make decisions with unshakable confidence even when you're still not sure. It's easy and really works!* How to handle stress the easy way; eleven sure-fire ways to make the stress in your life work for you instead of against you.* How to solve problems; as a manager you deal with problems and crisis situations on an almost daily basis. The way you handle such situations can make or break you. Here's an effective, easy to implement 9 step strategy that will help you solve problems like magic.* How to conduct successful meetings; running effective meetings is crucial to the function of your team. It presents an opportunity to organize, share information, collaborate, and tackle objectives efficiently. In this section you’ll discover strategies to chairing and running an effective meeting.* All these and much much more.You Also Get These 5 Valuable Leadership Video Guides (download instructions are provided in the appendix at the end of the book)Video #1: How to effectively Manage People at Work - Extremely effective strategies to better manage people and getting more done.Video #2: Top 10 Strategies to Achieving Your Goals Faster Than You Thought Was Possible.Video #3: How to Deal with Difficult Employees - If you've been a manager for long, you know that things can go wrong even in the best of organizations. Problem behavior on the part of employees can erupt for a variety of reasons. In this video you’ll discover the top ten ideas for dealing with difficult employees.Video #4: How to Be a Good Team Leader at Work - In this video you’ll discover the top 10 tips to being a great team leader and how to make the most of your team.Video # 5: How to Motivate Employees to Give Their Best – Supervising people involves more than telling them what to do. In this video you’ll discover the top 10 ideas to motivate employees while increasing morale and performance.

Inventory Accuracy: People, Processes, & Technology

Inventory accuracy starts with an understanding of the conditions under which errors occur and ends with error-resistant processes, intelligent use of technology, a well-trained and highly motivated workforce, and an ongoing process of continuous improvement. In between, there’s cycle counting, root cause analysis, process evaluation, user interface design, procedures, employee training, accountability, control methods, process checks, audits, exception reporting, transaction techniques, measurement, counting methods, bar codes, RF systems, speech-based technology, light systems, and software. Inventory Accuracy: People, Processes, & Technology covers all of these topics and more in a comprehensive treatment of the subject of inventory accuracy in distribution, fulfillment, and manufacturing environments. In addition to documenting the standard tools and techniques used to achieve accuracy, the author provides insights as to why many of the standard solutions don’t provide the best results and offers alternative methods. The focus on practical solutions that take into account the sometimes-conflicting priorities that affect accuracy, results in an approach that not only looks good on paper, but more importantly, works in the real world.